Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Miss Pepperham's Obsession @SexyMuffyWilson ~ Tantalyzing Tuesday

Tantalyzing Tuesday and I am thinking about landscaping......and the landscaper when I saw this photo. So, this became my inspiration photo. Isn't he inspiring? Yummmmm. You know: one photo-two hundred words-one group of talented, creative authors. You can find them all listed below or by following this link. Read their shorts based upon whatever photo tickled their 'fancy'.

Enjoy  ~  ☼ o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜"*°

Miss Pepperham's Obsession

No one wants to die that way, but then he had left her little choice. He flaunted his infidelity, his disloyalty, his insatiable appetites—in short, he felt he had her exactly where he wanted her.

But, he was wrong. She had finally had enough and what drove her to the edge was not hate, jealously or greed but disgust.

His gluttony for life with no restraint meant he had no regard for anyone or anything in his life if it stood between him and what he wanted—whatever that might be.

So…she gave him the one thing he thought he could never have—immortality.
Only she referred to it as—everlasting life. Now, they were both happy.

After she shot him, she rolled him up in the kitchenette throw rug, dragged him through the garden room, out the French doors and into the garden by the new koi pond under construction. She dug his length eighteen inches deeper, which took most of the rest of the night while Chicklet, his white Bichon, mewed incessantly. She rolled him over and unceremoniously plunked him into the hole then covered him with dirt—liner ready.

It was her turn.

The landscaper.
© Muffy Wilson

Kendel Davi         Naomi Shaw

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