Tuesday, August 18, 2015

And the Sky Wept ~ August 18, 2015 ~ Tantalyzing Tuesday

Tantalyzing Tuesday and I am posting with my friends this week instead of bringing up the rear!! Not that bringing up the rear is a bad thing, but today I am not doing it. It is raining here as I write this and rain brings thought of sorrow and loss to my mind.So please read my offering today. Then scour the pages of my author friends to find something light-hearted and sexy. You can find them here. In the meantime....

Enjoy ~  ☼ o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜"*°

And the Sky Wept

It is a fine day to stay inside and make love, eat grapes, listen to Johnny Mathis, laugh, and drown out the day’s violent awakening with the music of our beating hearts. I wake slowly and as I roll to face you, to swim in your gaze, the heavy fog in my head begins to lift and I realize that you are not here. In an instant, the comfort and security of two hearts beating as one was lost—forever.

I  rise to stand at the window anxiously, with only my reflection for solace. The storm shrouds everything in black and grey. I feel lost, alone in this sea of darkness. You were snapped out of my life as if some payment to God was long overdue. My heart breaks for the thousandth time and I finally begin to weep. 

I can’t bear another moment. The rain intensifies outside and I cry shamelessly for my loss hoping the tears will give me comfort. They do not. I cannot call you back into my arms, nor can I drown the empty longing with my tears.

And this is how the second day of my life without you began—dark, ominous, and foreboding—alone. 
© Muffy Wilson

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  1. Oh lordy, what a heart wrenching piece, Muffy. *sniffs* So emotional!

  2. Awesome!! A lump came into my throat and I wanted to cry. You have a beautiful way with words Muffy. Fabulous teaser

  3. This was excellent in so many ways, Muffy. I felt the words penetrate through the page. Just magnificent.

  4. Oh shoot, I'm sniffing. This is really emotional.


I was born when we kissed; I died when we parted. I lived in your embrace while we loved..........

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