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Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser, 20 January 2015 ~ The Long Journey Home #iamwriting #writing #erotica

It is Tantalyzing Tuesday and I have cheated by taking a tiny little wee bit from my book, The Para-Portage of Emily. I have been busy all day writing a submission query letter and synopsis. Those are so important and I wonder how well I did. I guess I will find out...

Today's participating authors are listed below one by one and throughout on the links. Click on any one of those to be swept away and entertained by wonderful scribes inspired to write a 200 word piece based upon the photo of their choosing.

Enjoy ~  ☼ o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜"*°

The Long Journey Home
Colin rose from the chair and walked to the sleeping woman whose breath was shallow and erratic. He pulled the satin comforter from her cold body and bent to kiss her gently. She stirred slightly, then awoke. There was no movement from her beloved Barkley.

Colin extended his hand to the auburn haired beauty whose naughty hair and errant curls were tied by the pink satin ribbons she so loved. She reached for the hand of the man she adored and rose, holding his hand. She was dressed a flowing blue-green skirt, ankle length to her delicate feet in black velveteen slippers. Beneath her skirt of blue were flowing white slips of petticoats, which gave her skirt billowy fullness and accentuated her tiny waist. She wore a short, tight red three-button vest, scalloped just under her full breasts, with very narrow straps over a pirate’s full, white blossomed undergarment that bloused with grand sleeves and tightened widely around the wrists.  The shirt had slipped only slightly off her left shoulder, exposing the creamy rising flesh of her full round breasts.

“Amalya. I have waited, loving you for so long yet now."

“I know, my love. Come, Puppy. We’re home.” Amalya looked back at her sweet dog lying beside the woman she once was still on the bed.
© Muffy Wilson

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  1. Your descriptions of her attire are precisely detailed. I could easily visualize her as if she was standing or lying next to me. Your command with words is outstanding as usual.

  2. Excellent descriptions, Muffy. All those little details really grabbed me and kept me wanting more. I felt the longing before it was mentioned which is a great way to punctuate that moment.

  3. That's not cheating. It's still a tease! And a very curious one. I look forward to reading more.

  4. Very sweet story Muffy. I like Barkley!

  5. Excellent visuals. Beautifully written. Love your teaser and really want to read more of this x


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