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A Taste of Thursday, 29 January 2015 ~ The Fear of Knowing #iamwriting #writing #multiculturallove

A Taste of Thursday begins and ends with you. And a little slice of Heaven from my current WIP, Moonbeams of Unintended Consequences. As you know, the little girl born to Simon and Jordan after that soulful sexy night a decade earlier is dying and requires a live organ donor.

Let's see what happens today. And when you are done reading my short excerpt, have a dip in the prurient pools of my writing partners and see what they are offering up for your amusement. They are listed all over via the linkies and below. I am sure the water is sinfully sexy, wet, and warm. 

Enjoy ~  ☼ o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜"*° 

The Fear of Knowing

“Simon, I am so impressed by your children. They seem so…so…”
“Well, yes, I supposed so.”
“May I fix you a drink?”
“Yes, please. Whatever you are having is fine.”
“How about the sweet pleasures of a Southern Comfort Manhattan?”
“Sounds delicious, thank you.”
“That’s Talia.”
“Pardon me?”
“Talia. It is because of Talia that the children are so well-adjusted. She prepared them for her death so it came as no surprise to them. She helped them treasure every moment they had left to share. They rarely bickered or fought. It was the quality of her life she wanted to make sure they remembered, not that she was ill and dying. So, they talk about her comfortably and lovingly. There are a few tears, but mostly happiness that we had her for as long as we did. We cherished our second chance with her when she went into remission the first time.”
“She sounds like a remarkable woman, Simon. You were a very lucky man; some would say wealthy man.”
“Yes, Jordan. I know that and I am still. I have four beautiful children who enrich my life daily.”
“Four…? Of course, Lily! I am not used to thinking in terms of a ‘we’”
“I am just getting used to it myself. Here, try this.”
“Oh, my. That is delicious, Simon. Something tells me these can sneak up on a girl.”
“And a guy, Jordan! Definitely, two’s the limit. Is the guest house comfortable? Do you need anything?”
“It is wonderful, Simon, very generous of you. And Lily loved all the stuffed animals in her bedroom. That was so thoughtful of you.”
“Oh, that was not me. It was Lianna. She didn’t want Lily to be afraid so far from home and so sick. So she decided to share her favorite stuffed animals with Lily so she isn’t afraid or won’t have nightmares.”
“What a beautiful child. That is so thoughtful and unselfish.”
“Please, don’t get the idea these kids are little saints. They do their share of sinning!”
“That’s funny! I guess they all do.”
Simon, right then, decided to tell Jordan his news about their plans for the following day. They would have to cut short their visit to the Shedd Aquarium and head over to the hospital early. Everything had been moved up an hour. They were scheduled for Lily’s genome testing at three o’clock and to see his doctor at four.
“That’s a whole day early, Simon. That cannot be good news. I am not ready. I can’t face the results. Results. Did you talk to him? Did he tell you, because if he did, please tell me now.”
“No, Jordan. I didn’t talk to him. Ms Meriwether called me about the rescheduling. But this is a good thing, Jordan. We can make our plans and any arrangements sooner. Please, don’t worry. This is a good thing, for us and for Lily. The sooner we know, the sooner we can help Lily.”
© Muffy Wilson

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  1. Talia sounded like a wonderful woman. Courageous too, in preparing the children for the inevitable. I love how readily Jordan has accepted Lily too. I'm really loving this story Muffy, and you write it brilliantly. Excellent taster x

  2. I don't know if it's a good thing. I can understand why she is so worried, everything in his life with his other kids looks so perfect and she just brought some trouble.
    I wonder how long she is going to be able to deal with it all before breaking down. Feeling the shoes of Talia won't be easy either.


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