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Thursday Taster, April 10, 2014 ~ The Little Mermaid: An Erotic Adaptation

The Little Mermaid, written by Hans Christian Anderson in 1836, speaks to the coming of age of Princess Ariel, Sea Royalty as she is the youngest daughter to the mighty Sea King. Now, when HCA wrote this wonderful piece, I doubt he thought I would ever come along and write an erotic adaptation. But, I did indeed. It has been accepted by Ravenous Romance for an upcoming Erotic Fairytale Anthology. I am thrilled.

This Thursday Taster picks up where we left off last week, after the wreck of the Prince's ship and his rescue by Princess Ariel, who lays sleeping across his chest, exhausted, when he awakes. The wicked, vengeful Hermione waits, watches and listens to his prayers then plans the revenge against Princess Ariel's father, the Sea King, who has banished her from his Ocean Kingdom. Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment, then plunge in the prurient pool pf my writing partners and visit their Tasters, now that your appetite has been wet. Follow the link or visit them one-by-beautiful-one listed below. Now, dip your toe into my tidal-pool......Enjoy!! xo

Hermione ~ Queen of the Saltwater Sirens
A Wicked Water Witch and Fallen Court Confident

Sometime much later, when the winds had lost their fury, the seas had claimed its bounty and the sun opened the morning sky with the knife of a warm golden ray, the Prince awoke slowly, embraced by the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. He soon realized but not for her, he would have perished with his ship and crew. He memorized her every inch tho her mountains of flaxen hair lain in golden curls across her face and his chest. Quite gently he pushed the amber ribbons from her face to spy the loveliness he had seen the night before. She was adorned in jewels and sea bounty, shells and coral. Her skin the color of pearls and her lips flushed with scarlet roses lead to the unmistakable curve of her breasts, cupped in iridescent shells and tied with a chain of sea roses and flowers. His heart beat rapidly with the hearts of a thousand doves and his pulse flushed with fire through his body as he felt a familiar stir in his loins. Oh, to have this beauty would be an honor of unbelievable proportion.  Beautiful and clearly royal, she was but half of a woman’s body and where the nip of her tiny waist widened to her hips, was covered in the elegant, shimmering scales of a fishtail.  

Oh, to be blessed by such a creature only to be denied his passion was cruel and painful for he loved her quite immediately. He closed his arms around her and began to cry silently, sending up a prayer of thanks for having his life spared but also of recrimination that he should befall to the charms of a woman that could never return his love. Hermione heard his quiet prayers which gave her, much to her liking, a sinister idea. Such a notion could easily be explained as agreeable in nature and helpful while under the guise of not perhaps being well thought-out. Who could hold her responsible for the folly of these two star-crossed lovers thrown together not by her own hand but that of the Gods at will! Who was the Sea King to question the will of the Gods…………and love? 

With that, Hermione went to the young human man who whimpered into the fair-haired curls of his beloved. She rode the dancing turquoise currents, collecting seashells, sea-flowers and colored coral. As she closed the distance, the transformation began: her tail ~ glistening scales falling away like glitter and long…supple…graceful ~ was now two lengths of elegant limbs upon which she stood. Through the ribbons of her hair, painted by the ocean depths with an onyx shimmer, she wove her sea treasures. Her skin, decorated, bronze and silken, glistened with a hunger to be touched. And her natural eagerness increased with human ache, passion, desire.
She crawled upon the crag, bent to touch the human male’s tear-stained cheek and sang soulfully, tenderly about love and longing. The young man looked upon her, impressed by her dark commanding beauty and seduced by her tantric voice. 

She spoke in low tones, subtle and slow, “The little mermaid you hold so close to your heart is a Royal Princess, honored youngest daughter to the Sea King known as Princess Ariel, fifth in the line of heirs to the Royal Wealth of Riches in the Sea Bountiful. I am not sure he would approve of your so intimate a coupling.”
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  1. Wow Muffy Ji what a wonderful post of Love romance and beauty described in beautiful poetry , really you have expressed Princess s beauty in such beautiful words s if master artist has created a miniature . Love this so loving post .Greetings Author Jarnail Singh from the land of Kamsutra called India

  2. First of all Congratulations! I knew it would be accepted. "the sun opened the morning sky with the knife of a warm golden ray," is just one example of the beauty your words string together an image unique and daunting. Your prose comes together more as one long beautiful string of poetic images to describe a very romantic story. Bravo!

  3. I don't have the words.

    You not only wrote a beautiful piece but you did so in a style that seems wonderfully and appropriately archaic, as though it were written in 1836. I've read erotic pieces from that era, and you've not only written something incredible but I'd believe it was written two centuries ago if I'd come across it online and somehow had dated it then.


  4. Rich prose, full of beauty, sadness, eroticism and intrigue. I think you're doing a wonderful job in your retelling of the story - genuinely achieving a mythic quality.

  5. Your words sang to me, Muffy. I love how you described each action and emotion with such pure passion. It's no wonder it was a excepted. Very well done! <3

  6. So Beautiful, Muffy. I love the tale you weave with your descriptive words. :-)

  7. Excellent! A magical, beautifully told story. Sensual and visually rich. Love it!

  8. Eloquent, beautiful and believable. You paint a picture of the calm after the storm with feelings of passion arising from the aftermath. I love it

  9. So elegantly written. I have no doubt that HCA would be very proud.


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