Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers, April 8, 2014 ~ The Cellist

Ah ha!! It is Tantalyzing Tuesday and I don't know about you but I have missed my weekly challenges and the inspiration of my prurient partners. It's been so long! Remember? The skill involves selecting a photograph of one's own choice and writing a 200 word story, a bit like trying to get 10 pounds into any two pound bag!

Today I have imaged a beautiful cellist, a lifetime away, but only separated by a wall, and a private housebound admirer. Is he crippled by shyness, a broken body, agoraphobia or just inexperienced around women? We won't know for he will never meet the object of his passions and she will continue to come and go in his silence leaving her beauty, fragrance and music hanging in her absence.

Tell me what you think in the comments section below then do, please, go visit the other participating authors to see what they have prepared for you in a mere 200 words or less based upon a photo of their choosing. They are listed below as notes of a concerto, one-by-one on a sheet on music or by the link. A demain, mes amis. Enjoy!! xo

The Cellist
He watched her arrive, every day, for the many years. She moved with the elegant slow motion of wedding-lace in the breeze: softly responding to the wind, impediments and children playing noisily in the street. She carried her violoncello case in her small grip, gracefully dodging any hindrance. He lost sight of her on the threshold when her key awakened the latch in the door with a worn tumble. He could only imagine her stature as her measured footsteps on the carpeted stairs announced her arrival beyond his door. 
She was so beautiful. 
She was graceful and refined, self-assured in her demeanor and wore her striking splendor with bearing. In the room above him, he heard her entrance as her melodic cadence carried her through the apartment to the front window for her lesson.
He settled just below her in his own bay-window to listen and dream of her before him, stroking her cello, creating music; it was for him alone she played. She leaned into her music, her golden hair falling across her breast, as he felt every caress, every change in tempo, every vibrato her bow seduced from the instrument. 
So compelling was her image, he silently wept......again today. 

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  1. Wow so loving and emotional post loved it , thank you Muffy Ji

  2. You have created the mood with these audible sensations, leading to the music of her cello and his captivation in these two lines. " her key awakened the latch in the door with a worn tumble..." and "her measured footsteps on the carpeted stairs announced her arrival beyond his door." Captivating Teaser.

  3. This struck a chord and moved me in all the right places. I had cello lessons once but showed an incredible lack of talent. You may enjoy this - a poetic warning - http://chloethurlow.com/2014/04/poetic-license/

  4. *sniff*

    beautiful and emotional, Muffy.So glad yo're back :-)

  5. Love the picture Muffy. Emotions flow in this piece.

  6. Delicate, beautiful and moving. A perfect verbal accompaniment to the musical image. There's a tragic longer story in this.

  7. Absolutely beautiful! The emotions evoked from the strains of a cellists bow are quite capable of bringing a tear to the eye and a lump to the throat. I can well understand how he fell for this delicate creature who holds a magical musical power. Fab teaser!

  8. Beautifully written tease with great description


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