Friday, December 13, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday the 13th, December 13, 2013 ~ Rescue Me

Today is Flash Fiction Friday and a dozen writers have collected to entertain and fascinate you with the 100 word (no more, no less - dem's da rules!) short stories based on a common photograph to all. Today's subject photo is a wonderful image of a bruiser fireman saving a damsel in distress, quite obviously.

I am positive you will enjoy reading all the author's creative missives after you have perused mine below. You will be able to access all the authors submissions at the link above or I always list them one by one below for your easy access.

Because today's photo includes a pole-dancing damsel at a sleazy south-side skin joint, today's accompanying music is 'Night Train" by David Rose, a 1962 classic.  
Enjoy, mes amours!!

Rescue Me
He met her pole-dancing at Lookers, a sleazy south-side skin joint.  Night after night, she teased and led him on for money, laughing.  

Finally, he followed her home, planning.

He'd talked to a dozen callers.  He explained it was a fun fantasy his girlfriend wanted for her birthday. She asked to be rescued, kicking and screaming, and then brought to him to be "resuscitated" by both men.

The Craigslist ad read.....

"Rescue Me Fantasy:
Big strong fireman with a hose to match.
Fireman's carry a must. Key above the door.
Call 555-0695 for details." 

The bitch'd never laugh in his face again.... ever.

Participating Authors


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  2. She'll get her come uppance (pun intended)! Excellent flash. You painted the scene so well and I could imagine a myriad of emotions racing through him.

  3. I think I'm a bit terrified now actually. Lol! Nope, she might not laugh, but I think something else is coming his way. I wonder if she believes revenge is best served cold. Probably not. ;) Great Flash, Muffy.

    1. She didn't place the ad....HE did, for retribution at being rebuked.

  4. Oh my! It will be hot, one way or another!

  5. He's a demon. She wouldn't know what or who to expect from a Craig's List ad. I love this connected to the companion story. I'd like to see how she responds in the end. Loved this.


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