Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Blog Hop 13-16 December 2013 ~ Lookers

It's our Christmas Blog Hop which lasts three (count 'em 3!!!) full days. Our stories are inspired by a common photo and a maximum 100 word story challenge. It is fun, entertaining and you stand to win prizes on every participating author's short if you post a comment on each page.

So....all you have to do is post a comment on each author's submission and you are entered automatically! The link to the participating writer pages is above or I have listed them one-by-one like ornaments on my Christmas Tree below.

This photo inspired a short story between a brother and sister who is trying to earn a little extra Christmas bootie for presents.......but, how?  The question is answered, to her brother's dismay, to the tune of a 1062 classic by David Rose, "Night Train".

Don't forget o leave a comment with each author to possibly win a prize!!!
They were headed back to the squad, tired and thirsty, after the 'Hot' drill.  He couldn't believe his eyes through the glaring neons flashing titties and torsos on the club's logo Martini sign.

It was her car in the parking lot!

He brought the rig to a screeching, swerving halt on the street in front of "Lookers".

He stormed in and came to a dead stop as his eyesight adjusted in the smoky darkness. Sultry music played loudly as he gradually recognized the young beauty spread eagled pole-dancing.

Carrying her out to wolf whistles and fistfuls of money… 

"Babysitting for Christmas cash, huh, Sissy?"

Participating Christmas Blog Hop Authors


  1. LOL I hope he isn't mad at her. She's obnviously doing well

  2. Is he going to quench her fire?

  3. Yikes! I'm not sure who I feel worse for, lol. Entertaining flash. :D

  4. LOL, not what any brother wants to see. LOL

  5. LOL oh boy poor brother.


  6. Interesting take, Muffy. Made me think of a movie scene where they're in some country small town. Enjoyed it :-)

  7. Oh my. I don't know who will feel worse. Lovely tease.

  8. "Carrying her out to wolf whistles and fistfuls of money…

    "Babysitting for Christmas cash, huh, Sissy?"" These last few lines are spectacular and climax the crescendo of the fireman's duty's from the beginning. I think sparks are yet to fire. She has an explanation due. Did we both have a similar plot to our flashes. Although great minds think alike, your flash is far superior.

  9. Somebody looks like they are in big trouble

  10. Great last line Muffy. Like the way you set the scene up!

  11. Oh shit! Someone's in trouble! That was an extremely entertaining Flash! :)


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