Monday, July 16, 2012

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser, July 17, 2012 ~ Showtime

Tantalyzing Tuesday begs another Teaser, so I went a little 40's on you.  You know the type, the tough broad, the hard charging moll makin' a living the best way she knows how.  Came from right outta the gutter and can swing a  Presidential reception; she can be whatever you want, whenever and wherever you want it.  Kinda sexy when you think about it:  a chameleon in a cocktail dress equally as comfortable as a sewer snake. 

When you are through reading my 200 word shortie, have a visit to all the other great authors and see their inspiration photo and read where it took them.  This is my Teaser and where it landed me, today:


The fog was rolling up from the bay climbing the hills to shroud the black night.

Why not just pick-'im-up in the hotel bar, I said, he’s a sucker for redheads.  Naw, you hadda go and promise the wife you’d have tape of us coming into the hotel together, makin’ it look real cozy 'n all.  Whaddareyou?  A fuckin’ movie director?!   Ima  P.I., a dick…not an actor!!
An hour later, she saw the limo round the corner.  Hank, you asshole, role ‘em.  It’s showtime, baby, she said into the walkie.
Switching personas, she floated out of the vehicle squaring her shoulders and running her hands down her slit leather skirt.  A pure vision, she moved with the elevated elegance and grace of royalty, more smooth and fluid rather than actually walking.
As she approached him, she caught the heel of her favorite spiked spats in the vent grate.  Tossing her red curls, she fell effortlessly into his arms.  He dropped his briefcase to catch her decent.  Pity, this, she thought; he smells utterly edible.  Any other time…………
“You okay?” he asked.
“Yes, thank you……oh, my ankle” she feigned, showing miles of million dollar legs.  “Would you permit me your arm and help me to my room, please?”
Guess I can act.......

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  1. So sweet and really million dollar legs , very erotic and sensual post . Love it ,Congarts Muffy Ji

  2. "Miles of million dollar legs" - oh that line has be all thinking. Hmmm... Absolutely loved this one with the retro flavor. Nicely done!

  3. A chameleon in a cocktail dress, you crack me up. Loved this tease, I want to know what those legs are up to now!!

  4. Oh Muffy, I just love the delicious twist you put on this picture. It's so creative and original - bravo. Now, to be perfectly honest - when I look at those cum-lick-me heels she's wearing, I'm wondering how in the hell anyone other than a "pro", could stand-up in those shoes much less walk in them. I don't think her trip and fall was acting. You rock Ms. Muffy. Muwah!!@

  5. I just did a shot of cheap bourbon in honor.

  6. Wow, loved your post. I felt like I was there standing across the street watching it all unfold. Fantastic.

  7. Loved this story Muffy! Love the 'elevated elegance grace of royalty'...perfect!

  8. Loved it Miss Muffet! Yes, it had a very black and white, film noir feel to it. Sam Spade in Stilettos. Though I excepted Hank to jump out with the old timey flash camera with the big bulb that pops. Gotcha! Excellent! Good descritions. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Sensational!! Love this photo and your piece is a true teaser -- I want more.

  10. That was fun! Great writing. I could see it happening as if I were watching an old movie. Nice and Sexy!

  11. Loved it Muffy really great tease

  12. A real tease, I love it. Very sexy and so realistic. I love the way your writing jumps off the page into a true life scene. Wish I knew what happened next, when he helped her to the room. A little tasting of the goods perhaps? Muffy, you could describe it to a tee!!

  13. Wow Muffy, this teaser gave me a ring side seat... I felt like a fly on the wall and felt a part of the entire encounter... Miles of Million dollar legs uh? Purr-fect!

  14. Fantastic post! I want a full length novel from this one!

  15. As always, you've excelled. Loved the dual persona, and the last line nailed it. I could actually see that as a screen play. ;)

  16. Loved it as always Muffy! Loved the detailed description. Excellent as always.


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