Friday, July 13, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday, July 13, 2012 ~ The Whispered Tango

As Flash Fiction would have it, today is Friday the 13th.  However, you will see that this is good fortune for all that pass between our pages and posts inspired by the subject photograph selected for today.  I beg that you indulge in us all.  Wrap yourself in our 100 word imaginations and allow us to inspire a response from you with our individual interpretations to this sensual photo.  What are they doing?  What have they done?  Who are they and are they crying, leaving or loving?

For me, this photo found two dancers locked in the magic of the musical moment in an ethereal embrace from which there was no turning back.  The crescendo was the finale; the finale was the beginning; the beginning was The Whispered Tango ........

The Whispered Tango

Finally, they circled one another slowly, to the music.  Unexpectedly, clothing floated to the floor, featherlight … delicately.

He reached out, slid his palm under her breast to her back and they drifted into the chair.  His scent weakened her knees.  In his embrace, she melted to the floor in one fluid motion between his thighs.  As she descended, her trembling, heated breath seared his flesh, quickened his heart.

She settled slowly and buried his cock down her eager throat, wrapped in her artful tongue.  Igniting response, her ruby mouth stroked him to crescendo as he shared his very essence in a sigh.
Now, have a leisurely stroll to my favorite writers posts for their creative interpretations of this photo and relax, indulge .... explore your thoughts.  Visit them one at a time or follow this link to our home page to find the "A" list of authors participating.  Uh oh, not before you leave me a loving comment below:

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  1. So sexy Muffy, beautifully written as always. exquisite, sensual and hot hot hot!

  2. WOw, you always leave a mouth-watering feeling. What a great way to enjoy Friday the 13th. Nice post, and I hope to hear more.

  3. So much in so little!

  4. Your floetry is always impressive, Muffy. Great post.

  5. Just the thiught if it made my cick tingle ....

  6. The way you make the words flow is so sensual. Love it.

  7. Absolutely beautiful. Your words flow like a river of sensuality. Exquisite. I'm breathless reading this amazing flasher, feeling the love

  8. Stunning Flasher! Whenever I read your pieces they come across like beautiful music soothingly sensual.

  9. Beautiful and sexy flasher Muffy! I was very taken by it!

  10. So elegant and sexy. Loved it Muffy!

  11. So sensually fluid. I love the dance element here, a fabulous 3rd character. Really nice

  12. Yesssss, I loved the - "shared his essence line". I can totally relate to his sigh, I sighed too when I read that line. I guess she would have sighed too, but she was busy swallowing. Well done Ms. M., you also have an artful tongue that you put to good use with your writing. Muwah!@


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