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Oysters & Chocolate, May 23, 2012 ~ The Storm

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The Storm

It’s a violent morning. The sky is a curious blend of clear and sunny to the east, but dark grey, black almost, and foreboding, to the west. In between the two, where these contrasts collide, the wind is furious and hard, screaming while it squeezes through the lanai screens. When the sun tries to rise, the color is alarming, frightening almost. A blast of yellow, orange, and red ignites the sky, preceding the wind to its fury. The thunder rolls, claps, and explodes, announcing the rain that will inevitably arrive. Morning is night again. It is black and the sounds of the impending storm are at once loud and silent, rolling and violent, calm and relenting, intense and penetrating, yet forgiving—all around stifling, overwhelming. The noise is curiously sexual as the rain begins to fall, hidden in darkness. The sky is giving up the bounty of life.

It is a fine day to stay inside and make love, eat grapes, listen to Johnny Mathis, laugh, and drown out the day’s violent awakening with the music of our beating hearts. I think of you, roll to look at you, and am happy my day starts in your arms. It is a love story that begins anew this morning, gaining strength throughout the day, not unlike this storm. I am hot for you, and I stretch my arms toward you.

But as I roll to face you, to swim in your gaze, the heavy fog in my head begins to lift and I realize with a start that you are not here. You will never be here again. It was always so easy to look toward our tomorrows because our todays were filled with one another. Our lives were interlocked in a love that seemed like it would transcend our future. And then in an instant, the comfort and security of two hearts beating as one was lost—forever. And this is how the new days of my life without you begin: dark, ominous, and foreboding.

I stare, emptily, out of the hotel window. Black and grey envelopes everything; I can’t feel anything. I feel unanchored as I float in this sea of darkness; lost, alone. Then I remember the events of the past few days—how quickly and disastrously they unfolded. You were gone to me and everyone who loved you. You left without having the chance to say goodbye; you were snapped out of our lives, as if some payment to the Gods was long overdue. I will never touch your cheek again—not in this lifetime. My heart breaks for the thousandth time and I finally begin to weep.

I weep for my loss, for myself, hoping the tears will keep me company and give me comfort. They do not. I cannot call you back into my arms, nor can I drown the longing with my tears. I know people wondered why I didn’t cry at the funeral. We never cried, you and me. Our life together was joyful and loving, a shared unity of thought and reason, purity and passion, the familiar love and hate. Mostly love. . .

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  1. You have made my morning with your excellent words and choice of art.
    Just color me in awe.
    Thank you.

    1. And you, my sweet, have made mine. Thank you so much. I hope you read the rest of the story via the link and enjoyed it:) xo

  2. Muffy ji you have given me a wonderful piece of your writing art. .Really the storm is woven in a very touching way . Insirpires me to go through the rest of story .Love xo jail


I was born when we kissed; I died when we parted. I lived in your embrace while we loved..........

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