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An Erotic Tribute ~ "A Veteran's Memorial Day" 2012

Memorial day was first celebrated on May 30, 1868. It was observed by placing flowers on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers during the first national celebration. Gen. James Garfield made a speech at Arlington National Cemetery, after which around 5,000 participants helped to decorate the graves of the more than 20,000 Union and Confederate soldiers who were buried there. Memorial day is a great way to remember our patriotic heroes who sacrificed their lives to help us breathe the air of freedom. This day is observed with families and friends visiting cemeteries and memorials to pay homage to their loved ones.

“Your silent tents of green
We deck with fragrant flowers;
Yours has the suffering been,
The memory shall be ours.”

–Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

A Veteran's Memorial Day

She walked into the lounge and looked exactly the way she felt: wet, mean, and thirsty for a dirty martini. It was pouring rain outside, so she was soaked. Her long auburn locks were wet, plastered to her head, accentuating the beauty of her hazel eyes. Her boss had made a pass at her, so she was pissed at him and at all men. And she was thirsty because of it. It was dark when she opened the door to Luke’s Lounge. Sophia stood in the doorway-dripping wet as her clothes hugged the curves of her body. The door closed while her vision adjusted. There were no seats at the bar open, which pissed her off even more. She walked over to the widest spot in the crowd and leaned over the bar to order a drink from the bartender. A Marine seated at the bar stood up to offer her his stool. She was impressed by his kindness. He waved at the bartender and let Sophia settle in while the bartender took her order.

“A dirty martini, bone dry, up with olives,” she told him.

“Happy Memorial Day. It’s Happy Hour—two for one,”  replied the bartender.

“Even better,” she told him. “Bring ’em on and keep ’em coming.”Sophia turned to the Marine and said, “Thank you for the stool. After tonight, I thought chivalry was dead.” She turned to fish for her wallet in her briefcase. When the bartender brought her drinks, she put out a twenty-dollar bill and nodded at him. She closed her eyes and took her first sip, feeling the warmth of the drink fire through her body, inch by inch. She always savored that very first sip luxuriously. It was like a lover’s hands sliding down her body, igniting every inch as they felt their way to her toes, leaving her in their molten path eager and hot for more. As she reveled in her first sip, she turned to the Marine. “I’m sorry, I forgot my manners. What is your name? May I buy you a drink?”He looked at her and blushed slightly. “Darrell Jonas. My friends call me DJ. Yes, thank you. I‘m enjoying the smooth pleasures of Southern Comfort Manhattans.”

Sophia waved to the bartender to get DJ another drink and they both laughed. She noted that he was yummy good-looking in his uniform. She was a sucker for a hunk in uniform, going weak in the knees and wet whenever she met a Marine that appealed to her—and he did.

Immediately, Sophia felt conspicuous about her appearance. She was soaked to the bone and her hair was still dripping wet. And, she was getting wet in her hot spot, just watching DJ finger his cigar. She downed one of her drinks, excused herself, and exited to the ladies' room.
She immediately removed her wet trench coat and went into one of the stalls. She could feel her mounting passion. It could have been the result of a culmination of things, but it was there nonetheless.
Her boss had made a pass at her; the “Silver Fox” had rubbed her leg along her inside thigh when she’d asked for a transfer. She exploded with anger, but had to control herself. She did not get to where she was by allowing impulse to guide her career.
Sophia’s father had had a heart attack. She had thought it out and decided that a move to the Atlanta office would be the best place for her career to flourish, and she could spend more quality time with her dad and she wanted to be closer to him. Pushing thoughts of the move from her mind, she turned her focus to DJ at the bar and that passion welled up again.
Passion was passion no matter the genesis. It was a fiery feeling that needed expression and release. In the stall, Sophia raised her skirt and put her hand up her slip. She moved her red thong out to the side as she searched for her honey spot, now wet and eager. She knew this would not take long; so much had happened to her already tonight.
Her head relaxed to the wall and she began to finger herself rapidly as she thought about DJ holding his cigar and the size of his hands. God, he was handsome, tall, and virile. She wondered about his cock. Was he circumcised or did he have a turtleneck sweater? She smiled and released a slight giggle. Was he long, thin, short, thick, wide and flat, bushy or trimmed? How did he smell—like a warm musky forest after a light rain or like boot leather? Did he like briefs or boxers? Oh, God, maybe a thong—was she going to be able to get her hand in his pants tonight?

Oh God, oh God, she could feel the earlier anger redirecting energy to her clit as she became more and more aroused at the thought of DJ in his Marine Corps uniform. She was adept at fingering herself and she wasted no energy now. She began to moan and move with the rhythm of her hand and fingers. She released her neck muscles and her head rolled to her shoulder, then to the other shoulder. She could feel it all over now, everywhere. She was getting more and wet with each stroke. Damn, she wished she had her finger vibrator, but she only carried it when she travelled. She would have to rethink that strategy another time.

She moaned, gyrated, clinched, and quivered. She moved in harmony with her passion, her eyes closed imagining DJ, and then raised her foot to the seat in the stall. She spread her legs giving her hand full open access: Oh, what a vision she would have been to anyone who could have seen her there behind the stall door. She was hot and coming soon.
She looked sublime, dressed in her Brooks Brothers suit, silk blouse, and matching red silk undies. Her thong and garter belt allowed her full access to her clit and pussy. She loved “dressing for success” because she always felt superior to all the other women, and most of the men. Aware that people looked at her as if they wanted her made her feel even better and gave her an intellectual, emotional edge.

She began to come in her hand: two fire-red tipped fingers plunged inside of her pussy and her red-tipped thumb found the pearl of her existence. She worked herself into frenzied hot passion as she imagined DJ kissing her and holding her breasts, pinching her nipples, bending to suck her areolas and bite her nipples. Her hardened nipples made an appearance under her silk blouse.
God! Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . .  She released a moan as she gripped her thighs tightly together, pushed, quivered, contracted, and came. She stood like that for a few seconds then relaxed as she rotated her head and released her neck muscles. She felt like a new woman—a woman who could devote some quality time to the man at hand: DJ. The anger brought on by her boss’s fated pass was a distant memory.


Sophia emerged from the ladies’ room looking like a redheaded goddess, to DJ’s eye. It was a wonder to him what women could do to themselves in a few short minutes. She had walked away looking like a soaked kitten and came out looking like a jaguar: stealthy, confident, dry, and beautifully put together, practically floating across the room to her stool at the bar. He could not take his eyes off her and he was sure that she knew it since she was looking him square in the eyes as she approached. DJ turned, cast his eyes shyly down, and took a drink from his Manhattan. He was beginning to think he might need a few more of these to muster up the courage to talk at length to this woman. When she arrived, he stood and pulled the stool out for her. She actually blushed. He thought maybe she felt the chemistry between them, too, but of course he could not have known she had just finished fingering herself to orgasm in the ladies’ room.

Sophia sat and turned her attention to DJ. He felt conspicuous and hard. He puffed up just a bit and asked her the most mundane question: “What do you do for a living?” he asked.

“I am a Regional Director for Honeywell. I just had a meeting with my boss, who made a crude pass at me. Needless to say, I am not too happy with men right now. However, I can see you are a gentleman, and in uniform. I am a sucker for a good-looking man in uniform,” she added. She took another drink from her dirty martini as she gazed squarely over the rim of the glass at DJ with her hazel eyes.

DJ felt his cock grow between his hard thighs. Oh boy, he thought to himself, I gotta cool this down or I am gonna come in my dress uniform. She was too hot to touch, he thought, and she smelled like sex. Oh, boy, it has been a while, he thought as he dove virtually into the beautiful emerald pools that were her eyes.

He could not resist his impulse and put his hand on her long elegant neck then moved her lush, wet, curling hair aside. He clasped the back of her neck and pulled her to him. In one smooth movement, he stood and pulled her face to his lowered mouth, planting his full wet and eager lips on hers. He kissed her as deeply as he had ever kissed anyone in his life. He did not care where they were or what her reaction would be. He could apologize later, but for now, he had to kiss her, taste her, and touch her. His cock responded accordingly as she moved to be close to him, an unexpected move for which he was unprepared. His right hand found the small of her back, pulled her even closer and up so that she could feel his hard cock against her taunt, curved belly. The bartender arrived and asked if they wanted another round, to which they both responded a quick and nervous, “Yes, please!”


They spent the remainder of the evening locked in interesting conversation. He talked about his life and his R&R from a twelve-month tour of service in Afghanistan; she talked about her life and job. As they spoke, Sophia felt more and more sure that she knew him, and when she asked, “Where is your hometown?” he answered, “Fairfield,” a small town not too far that she knew very well.

 “Did you go to Valleyview High?” she asked.


“And you graduated in ’87?”

“Yes.” He looked at her, perplexed.

“I know you,” she purred, unaware of how softly she had spoken. She smiled thoughtfully for a brief moment and added, “I thought I recognized you when I walked in but I was so upset, I gave it little more thought. I know you from high school. We graduated together in 1987. Your moustache threw me, and you have … changed.” She smiled and then snuggled into his chest and under his willing arm. “So, hi, remember me?”

He looked at her seriously now after drawing away from her. He saw it in her face and eyes, but not her hair. Her hair had been long and straight in high school, but now it was curly. He commented that her hair was different. 

“Yes, my hair is naturally curly, and getting it to be that straight in high school is a secret I will take to my grave. But, suffice it to say, it was a royal pain to sleep on beer cans at night!” she laughed as she hugged him with a huge embrace and an affectionate kiss.

“Let me get this out of the way,” she said. “Being born and raised in the military, with a father and two brothers all in different branches of the military, permit me to say: Thank you. Thank you for your service to our Country. Now kiss me again, Marine, and welcome home.”

Conditioned to following orders, DJ did so with a smile. They spent the next four hours until closing in rapt conversation, laughing, touching, exchanging life stories, and drinking. DJ lit a cigar and Sophia thought she would come from the mere honeyed odor of the burning leaves. The smell reminded her of her sojourn in the ladies’ room earlier, so she told him how it made her feel.

“DJ, I have to tell you something, and I have had just enough to drink that I think I can do this now.”

“Okay,” he answered quietly, gazing into her eyes seriously.

She told him what she had done to herself in the ladies’ room earlier, as the slight smell of vodka and olives on her breath escape from her full, ruby lips. He was mesmerized by them as they moved with each word and syllable. He was getting hard. She described in detail exactly what she had done, how she felt, and how it had made her feel when she immerged from the ladies’ room: strong, powerful, in control—HOT. He was rock hard remembering how she looked when she immerged from the ladies’ room—and how she smelled of sex.


Interrupting their shared gaze, the bartender hollered, “Last call for alcohol. You don’t hafta go home, you just gotta go. You can’t stay here.” People started to shuffle around, collecting their things, and leaving. Sophia and DJ had just gotten fresh drinks, so they had a few minutes to whisper and touch before they would have to leave. Shortly, the bartender started turning on lights and flashing them dim to high. That was the message that before too long, they would stay on. Sophia and DJ were unconcerned. They had nothing but one another in their shared gaze. DJ broke the gaze and took Sophia’s elbow, saying, “We’d better leave before they have us arrested.” And they smiled knowingly at one another.


It was still pouring out, the rain forming a deluge from the roof-line spouts. They dodged the force of the water and headed for DJ’s vintage Porsche 911. It was parked in the back of the building, as he was one of the last to arrive at happy hour. She was soaked again and the matted, wet curls which framed her face, almost intentionally, made her look even more beautiful. The brim of DJ’s dress hat protected his eyes from the rain and he stared at Sophia for a long moment as they stood in the rain. He slowly put his arms around her and pulled her as close to him as he could manage. He opened her trench coat, and then his, and he pressed their bodies closely together as he kissed her deeply, again. Sophia felt his cock; she knew she wanted him right now. She could tell he wanted her. She dropped her hand inside his trench coat and felt for his fly. As she unzipped his trousers, she met little resistance and DJ’s eager penis cooperated—fully engorged. As she rubbed his stiff and growing manhood, he dropped both hands down the long, lean curves of her body to her slim-line suit skirt. He started to tug at her skirt. As he pulled it up where his thumbs caught the hemline, Sophia wiggled in cooperative delight and eagerness, kissing him all the while, as she rubbed his stiff shaft and felt his hardening ball sack. It was heaven.

His hands continued up her thighs, the hem of her skirt hooked in his thumbs, as he raised his hands over her garter belt, nylons, and her exposed thighs. The trench coats were both open but provided some privacy for the lovers as did the darkness and the late hour. Darrell lowered his mouth to her neck and sucked and licked his way to the small of her neck where the fragrance of her perfume was the most exotic. He felt a jolt pulse through his body, ending in his cock. He struggled to control himself. His hands made it to her bare ass and he was shaken again by the pure sensuality of this lovely creature.

He grabbed the thin bit of silk fabric her thong provided and pulled it to the side as he lifted her up his body to his waist. He slid her down slowly onto his penis, where she settled herself over his engorged and eager cock. He nearly exploded, but she stopped and gripped him tightly with her pussy as she controlled herself, too. Her head fell backwards as the weight of her body felt suspended in air. The rain kissed her face with each drop and gently moved her tousled locks from her face. She had moved one hand to the back of his neck now, where she dug her ruby red nails into the collar of his uniform and trench coat. He envisioned the two of them from afar and the image was erotic. He released a murmur into her hair at her neck. She cupped her other hand around his testicles as she lovingly squeezed and massaged them to produce their bounty. He gently laid her onto the 911 as her legs remained clasped around his waist. He released her legs and brought them up to his shoulders, which gave Sophia the freedom to move her hips to her will. She gyrated her hips and clasped him tightly from within. She could feel him deeply, so deeply inside of her that his cock pounded against the wall of her hot pussy. She felt him grow with each thrust until she thought she could not stand another moment. And then he stopped.

She begged, in a quiet whisper, for him to continue. He murmured into her hair as he fell upon her on the vintage car. Then, with a sudden fierceness, he moved—and moved and moved. Both of her hands now clenched his trench coat: her red nails dug into the damp fabric. She was lost in wild abandon, no longer in control of her own body. She quivered, contracted, pushed, and grasped his hard shaft with all her internal might. As she began to come, she opened her eyes to watch Darrell. She released her hard grasp on his trench coat and caressed his back, gently, through the trench coat, as though they were seasoned lovers. God, but he was handsome. As he stood back up to come, she moved her legs to around his waist again, where she could pull him tightly to her passion.


She was wet, hot, dripping with her own love juices as he slid in and out of her. She watched. It was so sexy that she started to lose control again and she could feel his hand on her pearl. Her clit was rock hard and stretching for attention from more of his hand. He opened his eyes so he could watch her, too. Her hair, spread over the hood of the car, was wet and thick. She was so beautiful and he did remember her from high school: aloof, proud, seemingly so sure of herself. However, she never dated. Why, he wondered? Had she been lonely, too? Oh, God, he should have asked her out. They could have been doing just this for years had he. Nevertheless, he had not. And he couldn’t think anymore. He could not wait a moment longer: he held her thighs and pulled her repeatedly to him, over and over and over. He felt her coming again, too, and he released all of himself into her loveliness. They watched each other come, grasping, clasping, and clinging to one another.

“Happy Memorial Day,” he whispered into her hair at her earlobe.

“Finally,” she whispered back, smiling, and they kissed.

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