Sunday, September 18, 2011

Official Six Sentence Sunday (SSS), 9/18/2011 ~ The Story of Us

SYNOPSIS:  High school sweethearts are reunited by the Internet which results in them preparing for their own private reunion.  Having exchanged titillating emails Tanya, now 60, doesn’t want Mick to see her until it is too late for him to retreat. 
The Story of Us

She reached for Mick, but he held both her wrists above her head with his right gorgeous manly hand as his left hand continued on the pleasure cruise of his tormenting delight.

She writhed and arched, begged and pleaded, nearly cried with the agony and pleasure of the freezing pain. At once, thinking that he would put an end to the torment, he pushed her legs, muscles taunt, apart.  Hoping he would embrace her and warm her with his touch, she opened her eager legs.  With astonishing speed, he pushed ice cube after ice cube up her flared and honeyed pussy until she whimpered and surrendered to him.

Just as quickly and with precision accuracy, Mick rolled onto Tanya and drove his aching cock into her freezing pussy.

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  1. Very hot and erotic post , Muffy has great ability to spell bound the readers with wonderful fantasy sex art.Very hot and erotic post , Muffy has great ability to spell bound the readers with wonderful fantasy sex art.

  2. Oh my- what a way to wake up on a Sunday morning- great 6 Muffy as always

  3. Hot and sexy Muffy! Or should that be cold and sexy? Either way it works for me!

  4. Great 6! Love the whole concept. I hope I'm still doing crazy things like that when I'm 60. lol

  5. OOH gives me the chills. In a good way. Excellent six Nuffy!

  6. Can freezing hot be a compliment? very descriptive. don't know if I'd personally like it, but very vivid.

  7. Great six Miss Muffy!! You never disappoint.

  8. YES! Ice cubes finally make an appearance in a novel!! I love it!


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