Thursday, June 8, 2017

Undeniable by Katherine King, International Bestselling Author @kateking2001

Katherine King
International Bestselling Author

From International Bestselling Author Katherine King, who reached #1 in romance with her Captivated series, comes a story about a chance meeting in Central Park with that one person with whom the connection is Undeniable.

“You know how they say everything happens for a reason? I am now a true believer. It brought me to her.” - Mick

He was beautiful and brilliant, and totally not the man Maggie was looking for. She was drawn to him as she had never been to anyone. She knew he was unavailable, probably would never be because of his career but he was undeniable to her, making her want to savour him while she could…

Mick knew he couldn’t provide anything more than a casual fling with Maggie even though he wanted more. He also knew it wouldn’t stop him from having an intense and passionate affair with her. But what happens as distance and time keeps you apart and her best friend, Jason, finally admits his feelings for her while you are half way around the world?


The heavy responsibility of my career weighs on me and I am starting to feel trapped. I enjoy my job, there is nothing that I would rather do than be on stage performing, but I wanted to have a final say in my future. Decide on my own how much I toured, to write my own songs, maybe take up an acting career. Giving another heavy sigh, resigning myself to the fact that I would be back on the road again in a few days, I lift my eyes to glance around at the occupied benches, silently wishing I could be as carefree as some of these people who are out for a lunch in Central Park on a warm summer day. My eyes stop on a woman that is sitting opposite me, two benches down. She has her long, lean, toned legs crossed as she sits sideways on the bench leaning over what looks to be paperwork. My eyes leisurely travel up her legs to her beige pencil skirt that sits above her knee. My gaze continues up her body, lingers for a moment on her breasts as I see the lace of her bra through the fabric of her white shirt. Lifting my eyes further, I take in the perfectly formed features of her face, her long brown hair pulled back into a severe bun. I wonder for a moment if she is married and let my eyes travel down to her left hand. Seeing no ring, I let a breath out that I didn't realize I was holding.
I stay, watching only her, for several minutes. 


“What was that?” - I mutter to myself as I stroll away from this Mick guy.
He appeared out of nowhere to sit by me on the bench in Central Park, but yet as soon as he sat, my senses were on high alert. Not that I was afraid of him. Quite the opposite. All I experienced was a weirdly, indescribable – undeniable - immediate attraction.
I have always been attracted to confident men. It made them sexier than any physical attribute, and this guy had both. The problem is I haven't met a male that possesses both that hasn't turned out to be an asshole.
I hear him call after me that he can't make it tomorrow but I don't pause to answer him. It is probably just as well that he can't make it. If he was really interested, nothing would keep him away…

If you like raw emotions, sizzling sex scenes, all while being kept on the edge of your seat, then you'll love this erotic romance story of Mick and Maggie by International Bestselling Author Katherine King.


About the Author:

Katherine King is an International Bestselling Author. Sign up for her free starter library at

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