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Prowlers & Growlers Boxed Set Author Spotlight: Immortal Alchemy by Savannah Verte @savannahverte #99cent #shifters #pnrromance @wolfpackreads

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When The Snow Flies by Gina Kincade & Kiki Howell
USA Today Bestselling and Award Winning Authors

Dark Verité by Muffy Wilson
USA Today Bestselling and Award Winning Author

The Jaguar's Consort by Aliyah Burke
USA Today Bestselling and Award Winning Author

Hades Playground by Isis Pierce
USA Today Bestselling Author

Under The Crescent Moon by Amy Lee Burgess
USA Today Bestselling Author

The Demon The Witch and The Firebird by Phoenix Johnson
International Bestselling and Award Winning Author

Changes by Angelica Dawson
International Bestselling and Award Winning Author

Arcane by Erzabet Bishop
International Bestselling and Award Winning Author

Chicks Dig Scars by Kathleen Grieve
International Bestselling Author

Swelter by K.C. Stewart
International Bestselling Author

Dark Melody by Megan J Parker
International Bestselling Author

Starbright by Ashlynn Monroe
International Bestselling and Award Winning Author

Sorrows Beginning by S. E. Babin
International Bestselling and Award Winning Author

Shadows Mark by Nicole Morgan
International Bestselling Author

Mated by Kallysten
International Bestselling Author

Fallen In Sin by Marissa Farrar
International Bestselling Author

Lion by Her Side by Ever Coming
International Bestselling Author

Immortal Alchemy by Savannah Verte
International Bestselling and Award Winning Author

Stolen Magic by Joanna Mazurkiewicz
International Bestselling Author

Call Of The Beast by Erica Reeder
International Bestselling Author

Shifting Scales by Decadent Kane
International Bestselling Author

One Mage, Two Witches...Three's a mess.

 Immortal Alchemy by Savannah Verte
International Bestselling and Award Winning Author
Immortal Alchemy
Savannah Verte
International Bestselling and Award Winning Author

What do you get when you combine an arch mage and elemental witches? Immortal Alchemy.
Sophie has met the man of her dreams. The trouble is her mother saw him first. Pan’s choice blasts the fragile balance and collateral damage is imminent. Can anyone survive unscathed when one of them is playing dirty? One mage, two witches...three's a mess.

Without warning he was clear to her. It had been some time past, but her mind had pulled a powerful memory to armor her. She could feel his handprints melting into her skull and her body engulfed in an inferno as he had stolen kisses and held her to the hard length of his body. She remembered laughing that he hadn’t stolen what she had freely given, and would give again. Her insides winding tighter and tighter, much like her auburn hair in her mother’s hands, she had been so taut that one pluck would have shattered her.
She remembered vividly the breathlessness, his and hers, when they had broken from kissing, and the near jump to surrender air again for more. Her heart had thundered like a heard of stallions across the meadow and she was sure then that everyone must have felt the force of her passion. Still seated under the waterfall now, she could again feel the pounding of her heart against her throat and wrists, as well as other places that had seldom carried so robust a rhythm.
Sophie ached. The incessant beating of her need, once again unreleased, made her decision. The next time she saw Pan there would be no warning, there would be no hesitation. When she found Pan, she would do what she should have done before leaving the glen earlier…consummate their relationship and bind him to her forever. If she hadn’t been so selfish then, she could easily follow his blood and find him now. She would not repeat that mistake. Pankratios was hers and it was high time everyone knew it.

Good Morning! Even if it isn’t, I always say “Good Morning” to try to start on an up. And no, I’m not even close to a morning person…I just like the idea of a positive beginning. My name is Savannah. For those who don’t know me, I call myself a Contemporary Vagabond. I love the nature of stories and storytelling. I can’t quite grasp the notion of limiting myself to a single genre or style. So, if there’s a story in me that needs telling, I’ll tell it. I love the diversity and it keeps me motivated.

How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing?
I started writing in High School, so…thirty some years ago. Initially it was for a class, but I found I enjoyed writing when it wasn’t for class better, even if it was only for me.

How did you come up with this storyline?   
I’ve been playing with a couple of these characters for a while now. When this set came up, it was a matter of adapting them to fit… The idea that things are not always as they appear kept popping up in my head which filled in the pieces of what was going to happen. I’m actually developing other stories from this character set for the future, though I’m not sure who is going to come out next.

What are the best and the worst aspects of writing?
The best for me is the sense of cathartic release. When I have something in my head, it encompasses everything, even my sleep, until I can get it to paper. There is an addictive element to creating. It never ebbs, only redirects to the next piece…I’m a junkie.
Worst? Detours. I’m a die-hard plotter. When a storyline tangents, it takes a force of will to get back on track. If, I have managed not to shred my plot board and start over. I can clearly see the story one day, and by the time I’ve slept, I could have a different idea. Staying on point with where I landed in outline is tough. I always think I can do more or better.

What inspires you to write?
I remember being enraptured as a child listening to my granddad tell stories at the table. We’d sit for hours as he told about his youth. Some of them were so far -fetched and ludicrous, I remember thinking they couldn’t possibly be real…they were too magical. I wanted to be able to do that…to share a story that someone else could read or hear and be somewhere else in their mind. To me, it was, and still is, and amazing thing.

How did you conduct your research for Immortal Alchemy? 
Immortal Alchemy is a complete work of fiction. I really didn’t need to research per se. The elements of the practice that are included are things I included from my personal experience as a Pagan.

What are 3 of your favorite quotes from Immortal Alchemy? Three favorite lines might be easier than straight quotes…
 1-      Pan cupped her hand to his cheek before moving it lower to rest at the junction of his thighs. “I’m afraid my sweet little witch that wisdom is not part of my thought process.”
 2-      …the inferno he released had done little more than to engulf him in immense heat and massive blue blazes that left his eyebrows smoking upon his return to form.

 3-      “You can explain to me later why you cannot tell the difference between me and my mother Pankratios.”

What would your friends say is your best quality?
My best quality is also my nemesis. I don’t know how to quit. I am fierce and unrelenting in my pursuits…to my own detrement. I think you have to have that intensity and passion to be a writer. It means however, that my plate is usually spilling over.

Are reader reviews important to you? Why?
I think reader feedback is more important to me than the actual ‘review’ structure. Reviews to me are formulaic and seem to be either spoiler laden to inform others, or become too generalized. I want to hear from readers what works and doesn’t for them in the story, what did they identify with or not, where did I lose them if that happened…
Yes, did you like it is good to know, but I want more than that…I want to know why? I want to understand if I’m creating the mental escape that I craved when I heard stories growing up. Did you throw the book at the wall? Did you warp the pages with tears? Did you laugh out loud remembering a one liner long after you finished? Did it resonate?
Reviews, at least a great number I’ve seen, don’t tell the writer if the person got more than the story…and to me that’s the goal. I want to know that they felt the angst, or the excitement…that they identified with the character, the scene, or the message…not just read the words on the page and went, ‘good job.’
Maybe that’s not the point of reviews…but it’s my answer. I want reading to be an experience, and I LOVE talking to readers live and in message about my work to know it I’m getting them there. It’s a big part of why I keep writing and trying new genres. I’ll gladly fail-forward forever to be better than I was yesterday.

What do you do when you don’t write? Like in “Real Life”
In real life I’m many things. I’m a mother, wife, & daughter. I’m a publisher. I’m also an Operational Manager & Federal Compliance Officer for what used to be a consolidator, but now is the largest provider of Funeral and Cemetery services in the world.

Tell us about your other books?
As I mentioned, I’m a Vagabond. I have several titles out or coming out…
Viva Zapata & the Magic 8-Ball is a Contemporary Women’s Fiction title about four women finding friendship, their paths & tribe on a girl’s weekend in Vegas.
Kingdoms Fall is a Paranormal Fantasy that I co-wrote with another author from my house, the third in The Vengelys Series, where the families learn who they are fighting and what needs to be done to reclaim their world.
Book of Time & Book of Change are the first 2 of 5 titles in The Custos series about a book that contains the history of the world, past-present-& future in it, and the battle between two opposing forces to protect it or to use it to change the world. They are Urban Fantasy Suspense stories. (Book of Mysteries, book 3 – is due mid-summer 2017)
C.A.S.E. Revelations is a Dystopian piece about the struggle to survive and stay sane after an EMP takes out the electrical grid and disables technology, leaving the country in darkness, literal and informational. (March 2017)
Immortal Deflagration is part of the Sultry & Sinful Femmes of Paranormal box set. The short story is about the discovery relationship between two women. It has characters from Immortal Alchemy and is set in the same world. (April 2017)
Ella’s Cinder- Rags to Riches in Reverse, is an alternate fairytale (scary-tale) telling of the Cinderella fable where for Cinderella to get her HEA, another must lose everything to maintain the balance. (May 2017)
If you could share one thing about yourself that you would like readers to know what would it be?
I have awesome resting bitch face. I am always listening and processing information as I try to learn something new every day. And, I have a ridiculous memory…I keep thinking I’ll be full soon and won’t, but if you ask my closest friends…it hasn’t happened yet. It’s annoying. Which, is kind of 3 things…but the resting bitch face is a product of the others.

Thanks for checking me out. I do love to hear from readers, so hit me up! I’m not always fast, but I do reply. Til next time…see you on the pages! Sav

A lifelong lover of words and reading, Savannah Verte hasn’t quite figured out what she wants to write when she grows up. Born and raised in the upper Midwest, Savannah’s gypsy spirit and never quit attitude keep her busy and seldom idle. For so many reasons, Savannah considers herself a ‘Contemporary Vagabond’ when it comes to writing and hopes others find her diverse offerings as enjoyable to read as they are to write.

As the primary owner and driving force behind Eclectic Bard Books, Savannah considers herself immensely fortunate to see writing from varied perspectives as she endeavors to publish the authors she rosters. Working with other writers, Savannah gets to expand her horizons every day as someone brings a new idea to the table and the brainstorming begins. There is something addictive about the creative process for her and helping other authors embrace their dreams make hers a reality daily.

That’s the official Savannah, the unofficial version is just a girl who loves experiencing life with every twist and turn it takes. When she was born, she had such fine, light hair that her mother used to tape bows to her head so people would know she was a girl. She’s had a host of crazy unrelated jobs- everything from cake decorator, dry cleaner, and insurance agent to Emergency Room assistant, bartender, crime lab tech and bouncer. Savannah loves air hockey but completely sucks at it. She loves good jazz, aged scotch, and antiques but also old rock, a quiet tea, and a tidy home. She’s completely technology impaired and can get it after she’s broken the computer or done it ass-backwards a few times… Thank Gods that there are some amazing meme creators that let her pilfer images or she’d be lost.

Lime green is her color, the rhinoceros is her logo & philosophy, and she’s completely mad about seeing new authors try.

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