Monday, September 19, 2016

The Erotica Readers & Writers Association Blog: Sexy Snippets for September ~ Coming in Hot: Healing Hearts Excerpt #CIH #ASMSG #ERWA #SexySnippets #Excerpt

The Erotica Readers & Writers Association Blog: Sexy Snippets for September: Greetings to all erotic authors! Today's the 19th of the month, and you know what that means, right?  It's Sexy Snippet Day! Have a read form Healing Hearts, featured in Coming in Hot Boxed Set released today for only 99c!!
Today on Sexy Snippets at ERWA read a wee excerpt from Coming in Hot, Boxed Set released today:

The rain always had that effect, kept the good ones home while the creeps washed out of every skank black hole.
It was like that her first night…and he was a creep. But she did him anyway, holding her breath as he huffed, thrust, and panted into her young pink mouth. She thought of her kid sister. Was he the one?
The police didn’t know and had no more leads. What was she to do? She had to find out; she had to help. At least, she had to try.
But, she got swept away in the trying.
If she had any doubt about what she had become, it vanished with that blow-job stuffed into her sweet Mona Lisa smile. Every night since, her skirts got shorter and the nights longer and the creeps, well, the creeps were all still creeps.
It was getting harder to remember what her kid sister looked like and why she was here. It was getting harder and harder…and easier, too. There were nights she didn’t care who killed her sister and there were nights she could think of little else.
The line between purpose and obsession became obscure.

194 Words from Healing Hearts featured in Coming in Hot Boxed Set, a medical themed collection, released today by Naughty Nights Press with 20 amazing award-winning, bestselling authors. 99c for a limited time. Indulge yourself and help us make it a best seller, too!
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