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Beyond the Storm by @SexyMuffyWilson ~ Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser and #Rafflecopter #Giveaway

It is a Tuesday which means it is time to Tease and Tantalyze you. I have not done that for a few months. So let's get to it!!  Visit each of the authors and read their 200 word flash fiction stories today. And don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter for my year end giveaway!! 

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Beyond the Storm

I weep for my loss, hoping the tears will keep me company and give me comfort. They do not. I cannot call you back into my arms, nor can I drown the longing with my tears. I know people wondered why I didn’t cry at the funeral. Our life together was joyful and loving, passionate—the familiar love and hate. Mostly love. . .

Ah, but the hate…

The violent morning magnifies my mood. The sky is a curious blend of clear and sunny to the east, but dark grey, black and foreboding to the west. In between the two, where these contrasts collide, the wind is furious and hard, screaming its arrival. When the sun rises, the color is frightening. A blast of yellow, orange, and red ignites the sky, preceding the wind to its fury. The thunder rolls, claps, and explodes. Morning is night again. It is black and the sounds of the impending storm are at once loud and silent, yet calm and relenting—almost forgiving. I feel stifled and overwhelmed, charged with sexuality.

It reminds me painfully of your fondness for storms…and the storms you created between us.

Yes, the hate was passionate, too…but final. I cry now for my impulsiveness.
© Muffy Wilson

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  1. Beautifully written with excellent use of description

  2. So great to have you back, and with such an intense tease too. I'm guessing she had something to do with his death? *shivers*

    Great tease!

    1. I'm thinking....Thank you; it's nice to be back and thanks for commenting, Doris. xo

  3. The storm and its description for the love and hate in a relationship and the final blow of death, appear to be very personal. This flash is full of passion and regrets of impulsiveness for the lover's response in allowing him/her to proceed into the final culminating act of sex. The conflict in the morning skies parallels the love/hate relationship. You accurately describe the emotions of a wounded lover. I almost cried reading this. Suburb writing in a mere 200 words.

    1. Thank you, Pablo, so much. A wounded lover, indeed. xo


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