Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Madness of Sanity by @SexyMuffyWilson - Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser

Tantalyzing Tuesday is upon us once again seducing, haunting and hypnotizing. This is a bit of a saucy teaser, for your prurient pleasures. As you know, our Teasers are 200 words based on a photo of our choosing. Today, I have selected a photo which waxes romantic and begs an introspective question that rises and falls with the grey mist of reflection: Is all as we remember, when love, leaving it's fiery fingerprints on our flesh, is gone?

Please have a sweet read and when you are exhausted with me, leave me a comment below and have a pop over to all the other authors for a peek at what photo inspired their 200 word missives. You can find them listed below like wispy, yearning dreams, one-by-one, or you can visit our Participating Authors page link.

"Sanity may be madness but the maddest of all is to see life as it is and not as it should be." ~ Don Quixote
The Madness of Sanity 
Standing, he took her to the edge, to a special volcanic place inside, somewhere she had never before been: fiery, impatient, burning, yearning. Quickly, he withdrew his thick cock from her velvet folds clenched tightly around his length and laid her upon the floor. His fingers pinched her hard outstretched nipples. Her hands fell to the soft wet crease where his cock had been and her back arched into his touch as she moaned.......

".......more....." quietly.

She dropped her knees outward and offered herself completely then slipped two fingers into her silky lusciousness. His fingers joined hers entwined inside her juices. His lips touched below her navel; his tongue traced down to her glistening petals, swollen with anticipation in the phosphorous moonlight. Her muscles flinched eagerly.

Slowly, his tongue parted her lips then he flicked her clit as his thumbs spread her hood. Her small hands clinched his hair. His warm lips sucked her pearl into his mouth and he rolled it between his teeth gently while his tongue strummed it like a fine instrument.

She pleaded, breathlessly.”Please......"

"No……....not yet,” with a low throaty growl he whispered, as her scorching release threatened.

Was it real, as she remembered; now he was gone.......?
© Muffy Wilson  

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  1. That was beyond freaking hot, Muffy! Excellent tease.

  2. What????? Gone????


    God, Muffy. That was beyond scorching. Great job.

  3. Oooh Muffy! Ultra erotic! So sensual. I love it! You brought the lovemaking to life with the fired up yearnings of the couple who lay down and gave there all to each other. I want to read a whole story about them. Great teaser!

  4. Scorching tease, Muffy, but what do you mean, GONE? You can't leave it there!! lol


I was born when we kissed; I died when we parted. I lived in your embrace while we loved..........

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