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Dark Curse by Isaiyan Morrison @isaiyanmorrison ~ Book Tour, Rafflecopter Giveaway and Author Post

Book Two

Title: Dark Curse

(Deamhan Chronicles #2)

Author: Isaiyan Morrison

Genre: Adult Supernatural

The Deamhan world is in disarray. Freed from Limbo, Lucius, the once feared and Ancient Lugat, goes on a killing spree to wipe out any remaining traitors in the city of Minneapolis. Meanwhile The Brotherhood's return along with the growing population of vampires riles up the remaining Deamhan who choose to stay behind rather than abandon the city.
The body count continues to pile up forcing both humans and Deamhan to pick a side. Either allow Lucius to free the Pure Ones, the first living Deamhan from Limbo, or take him out and cripple their already fragile presence in the city. 


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Title: Deamhan 

(Deamhan Chronicles #1)

Deamhan have survived by remaining hidden in the shadows. Ramanga, Lamia, Metusba, and Lugat have been overshadowed by what humans know as the modern vampire. But what if vampires aren't the real threat?
One woman's search for her mother who disappeared without a trace on the streets of Minneapolis takes her into the precarious world of Deamhan, psychic vampires who rule the underground nightlife in the city's most darkest corners.
She gains the trust of the only other human familiar with the Deamhan lifestyle. With his help she finds not only can the Deamhan not be trusted but it s her own father, president of a ruthless organization of researchers, who has diabolically maintained that distrust.


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About The Author:

Isaiyan Morrison was born and raised in Minnesota. She moved to San Diego, California while in the Navy. After serving four years of active duty, she moved to Los Angeles. After a few years, she moved back to Minnesota where she started to pursue her dream to be an author. Her novel Dark Curse, is the second book in the Deamhan Chronicles. She now resides in Texas with her two cats, a pit bull dog, and two guinea pigs.

The Author's Guest Post:

Creating Memorable Characters That Will Leave An Impact On Readers

I like characters. I like conflict.

If I’m still thinking about the character after I finish the novel, consider me happy and pleased.

There is one right way to create a memorable character. Authors share their ideas and opinions (like what I’m about to do now) but what worked for me may not work for you. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t share swap or opinions.

There isn’t a ‘do it like this and you’ll sell millions of books’ way.  You can create all the Team *insert character’s name here* promo posters and hashtags but really, if you haven’t put in the time to create an interesting character, why should a reader put in the time to read your book?

1. Are they relatable?
My idea for The Deamhan Chronicles started with one name. Anastasia.
At first I didn’t know how important I wanted my character to be in the ‘Deamhan Universe’ I created. What I did know was how I wanted to portray Deamhan.
These creatures aren’t romantic. Finding love is the last thing on their mind. Food is first, survival is second, and everything else is third. With that in mind, I knew what steps I needed to take to present this kind of mindset.
Anastasia’s past actions (and a few current ones) are evil at best. I knew this wasn’t an easy trait for some readers to relate to. She kills indiscriminately with no remorse. She only cares about what’s in it for her. However, her background story (this leads into my next example) supports her actions and by building and giving an answer about her traits, my readers understand why she does what she does. I made my readers care about her. They related and sympathized with her and her choices…even the cruel ones. She’s one of the most popular characters in my novels.
2. Character Awesomeness
Deamhan are psychic vampires. Vampires are immortal. To me immortality means having lived longer than the life expectancy of a human being or any other creature on the face of the planet. Keeping this in mind, I knew that I needed a strong and solid background with some historical elements (unless they were sired last week.)
So let’s imagine an empty plot. You’re about to build the home of your dreams for yourself and your significant other. You want your future home to last a lifetime. You want it sturdy and able to withstand everything Mother Nature throws at your masterpiece. Maybe you’ll pass it down to your children. Who knows.
The home of your dreams needs a strong foundation in which to build upon. You refuse to have cheap bricks and mortar because you want your house to last. I refuse to have this but in regards to my novel.
The bricks represents the qualities in the character. Since I’m still talking about Anastasia, her immortality (and the fact that she’s a Ramanga Deamhan with a dark and violent past,) is mixed with other small and important tidbits to create her ‘mortar,’ making her a strong character.
This ‘mortar’ is what holds the character together. What makes her tick? How and why was she able to survive 300 plus years while many of her brethren didn’t last a century? What does she like? Who does she avoid? How many people has she slain? How does she react in certain scenarios?
With her strong foundation, I was able to build and expand her as a character. Obviously, she isn’t immune to the small cracks and breaks created by things I’ve overlooked, but these mistakes aren’t strong enough to condemn and destroy her.
If the character is sturdy enough to handle, I don’t know, an F-5; the largest tornado on the Fujita scale, then your character can handle almost anything.
3. Make them do stuff.
What role does your character have? Antagonist or protagonist? Mentor or sidekick? Or are they, what I like to call, a ‘throw-away’ (character created for the sole purpose of creating, helping, or supporting a conflict and disposed of later.)
Sure, authors can write about a character waking up, doing their normal everyday routine, and going to bed, only to wake up and repeat the process but how boring would that be to a reader? They need something to keep them interested: conflict, predicament…whatever. Give them just enough; not too much and not too little, to make them turn the page and finish your book.
These are just a few things I used to create my babies. Each one is important to not only me but to my current and future novels. 

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