Friday, April 6, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday, April 6, 2012 ~ Silent Dancer

Today is another Hot Friday in our Flash Fiction world.  You know the drill, a picture, 100 words or less and a sexy short emerges.  Please read my take on this photograph, the subject of this week's purient playfullness.  And don't forget to have a hop over to my equally as imaginative partners to read their interpretations and inspirations for this photo.  This is a saucy, sizzling  subject. 

Joining me today are fantastic authors, who have written their own interpretation of this single picture for Flash Fiction Friday.  To view the other members of Flash Fiction Friday click this blog link Flasher Fiction Friday.  Enjoy:) xo

Silent Dancer

Through plumes of smoke, he watched as she danced.  Her arms were like gossamer wings open at once then closed around the life-force of her full breasts.  She tempted him with the ruby, red opening of her mouth which he knew to be warm, eager and hungry.  As hips swayed rhythmically, suggestively, she drank champagne and let the nectar run from her lips through her breasts and between her legs.  She melted to the floor and poured it across her flesh, catching chilled golden rivers in her bellybutton.
The fluid movement of her body mesmerized his mind, but his body responded…..

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  1. Wow, Muffy, very sexy and visual. I secretly want to dance naked for my beloved, but, feel silly. The champagne would help though...
    Your post really puts to mind how visual men are...very nice

  2. The post gave me images of a rainy afternoon and nothing to do but enjoy each other's bodies. Lovely

  3. So sexy and sensual! Gave me ideas...yes l might definitely try that this weekend, but it would have to be Rose wine, it's cheaper! Beautifully written.

  4. Great Flash. You painted a such vivid picture, I felt as if she were dancing for me.

  5. Oh, I could feel the champagne in my lap. Very hot! Excellent as always Muffy!

  6. Exotic and erotic. My two fav types of reads. Great Flash. I told you, it inspired mine. The dance, then thinking about the music. Very hot and spicy woman!

  7. What flirty fun this is! Lovely

  8. Nice imagery! How long until he realizes he doesn't have a choice...his body wants

  9. mmm what way to serve bubbly! very hot!

  10. This was almost musical itself! Beautifully written. Fantastic FFF.

  11. The imagery is very vivid and like always you make wise word choices . Great job dear lady xo

  12. Wow ! So rythemic and erotic photo . Really cig smoke is able to prolong the game for as long as both parters want coz I have learned in our ancient scriptures they used tobacco for this wonderful aspect of life , Really liked the idea so nice .

  13. Lovely Muffy. You captured the characters very well and drew the reader in with such a short amount of words. Excellent as usual.


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