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A Taste of Thursday ~ I love you, too.

My company, my beloved family has all come, and gone, over the past six weeks. Everyone loves Florida this time of year when it is 12 below in Buffalo! The toilet even needed to have replacement parts, we have had so many guests over the last month and a half!!  But we had a wonderful time for yet another year.

That said, I am B*A*C*K! So you will be getting regular posts from me in support of the groups I love from here on out. So, today is Thursday Tasters and I am bringing you a snippet from Moonbeams of Unintended Consequences. After you have read my snippet, please go visit all the participating authors today and see what they have been working hard on for your entertainment.

You can find them here or listed below, one-by-one, like tears of joy.

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I love you, too.
An hour after Jordan had fallen into a deep sleep, Lily touched her mother’s arm lightly and gave it a determined shake with her little hand.

“Mummy, wake up, wake up. Mummy, can you hear me? Are you sleeping? Mummy!

“Lily, are you alright, sweetheart? What is it?” Jordan roused and answered her insistent little girl.

“Oh, sure, Mummy. I am fine. I had a little nap, too—Lianna and I did—and I feel really good now. Maddie said to come and get you. Dinner is in half an hour.”

“Oh, yes, of course. Thank you, darling. You know? I feel better already, too! There must be magic in this Chicago air, don’t you think? Let’s go have some of Maddie’s secret cauliflower mac-and-cheese.”

“You are so funny, Mummy. That’s no secret!” Lily watched her mother splash some fresh water on her face and run a brush through her hair.

“No, I guess it isn’t if everyone knows!” And the two girls walked across the pool area and into the kitchen, giggling, to a greeting from Maddie.

“Maddie, that smells so delicious. Lily may never eat my cooking again! And garlic bread?! Oh, Lily, I may never eat my cooking again!”

“Mummy you are a good cook too. How do you think I got so big and strong?”

The strings of Jordan’s heart pulled at the innocent comment from her sick little girl. Everything reminded her that the single most important person in her life was the reason they were here today. She ran her hand over her little head and gave her a squeeze to her side.

“And Miss Maddie is going to carry on with the addition, aren’t you Miss Maddie?”

“I sure am. Who wants apple pie for dessert?”

There was not a single hand in the kitchen that was not waving eagerly in the air. Simon walked in at that moment and enjoyed the friendly camaraderie in the warm and cozy breakfast nook.

“Well, who can pass up that enticing offer? Surely, not I.” Simon said in a giant’s deep voice.

And then, each one of the children joined in with the very same comment eagerly laughing at the game until it got to Jordan.

“I don’t know. If I keep eating all of Maddie’s wonderful food, they won’t have a big enough seat on the plane for my butt! Oh, gosh! How can I refuse? Surely, not I.” Jordan laughed then cleared her throat and dropped the tone to as low as she could get it, like Simon. It was a playful scene of everyday family life in America: dinnertime, kids, laughter, hustle and bustle to get everyone hands washed and seated, ready for dinner.
Everyone settled in and turned their heads to look at Simon and Jordan.

“Let’s join hands,” Simon began as they all reached for the person’s hands next to them. “Heavenly Father, permit us to bless this food you have provided us through the skillful and loving hands of Miss Maddie. We offer ourselves into your service that we may present a helping hand to all we meet. Allow us to serve you in mind and body and please, dear Father, watch over our little Lily whom we have all come to love so dearly. Hold her safely to your heart and in your care. For these blessings and more, we pray. Amen.”

“Amen,” said everyone at the table at the same time.

“Thank you. I love you, too.” Lily, in her infinite grownup wisdom, replied quietly,

Maddie got up abruptly from the table, gruffly saying something about forgetting the milk, and headed to the refrigerator but Jordan saw her wipe a tear from her cheek before she turned back around to the table. 
© Muffy Wilson

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  1. Wonderful taster. Lily is such a delightful child. Full of love and happiness. It's very special considering all she has gone through. You've also made me very hungry. I'd love to taste some of Maddie's delicious sounding food.

  2. Man, with all this food I'm getting pretty damn hungry,LOL. What a very sentimental teaser.

  3. You have captured the essense of the mood so dominant in this story, a family brought together with love, compassion and caring. Miss Maddie leaving the table after Simon's prayer with the tears in her eyes, is perfect for the hope of Lily being saved, bringing the scene's ambience to a heightened level. The flow of your words is natural, and keeps the reader fully engaged. I do hope this story is aacepted soon.

  4. Lily seems to be growing on everybody. I hope the test results turn up good otherwise some people might not survive her.


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