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Thursday Taster, July 17, 2014 ~ Taylor Savior

Today is Thursday and that means you all are in for a treat of momumental proportions. A group of fabulous writers give you a peek into their works in progress. This piece is from a WIP based upon the Grimm Fairy Tale, The Giant and The Tailor, I was assigned to write by Decadent Publishing. It should be done in a week, maybe two at the outside.

I hope you enjoy it and when you are done, please be kind: leave a comment for me and then have a visit to all the other participating authors to read theirs. The linkie and their individual name links are listed at the bottom. Love and Huggs ~  °*"˜*.✿.*˜"*°

'Fly with me into the center of the heat'
A bientot, mem’selle,” he had said. She hung on every word with rapt expectation for their next meeting as he moved into the crowd of admirers.
She watched as he worked the room, seducing male and female alike with his charisma and brilliance. He was a master in the simple ministration of his charm. He spoke with confidence, smiled at nonsensical nervous banter and made everyone most relaxed in his presence with an effortless touch.
The night edged on and she resigned she was like all the others, seduced by the sheer presence of the man. She sought out the Morrisons and bid them a grateful goodnight. She went into the library where her wrap was hung. A manly black hand extended and took it from her grip and as she spun, he curled her into his embrace with her shawl.
“My room key at the Hotel Whitcomb. The town car service I called to take you there is waiting outside. Room 457. Have I presumed too much, mem’selle?” as he pressed himself into her body and the key card into her hand. The low melodious tone of his voice melted any thought of resistance.
“I, ah…No, you have not presumed beyond expectation. I long to taste you; I ache to feel you inside me, truly, and I thank you for your discretion. The Morrisons are long time friends of my parents who don’t yet consider me a grown woman,” she smiled into his down-turned eyes and smelled his heat.
He ran his fingertips from the wrap on her shoulder down the inside of her arm to the soft swell of her breast and lingered. His fingers caressed her naked flesh under her arm above the cut on the satin of her gown. Her knees buckled under the weight of her desire and he caught her as she fell into his full embrace.
“Oh, God,” she breathlessly gasped and looked up into his dark eyes. “Do all women respond to you like this?”
“You are not all women. Go, now. I will be there within the hour. Sooner if I can get myself out of here. Room 457, do not forget. It isn’t written on the card.” He bent and put his full lips, so soft, warm and pliant, on hers in a sweet parting kiss.
Aynne reached up and touched his ebony cheek, in a promise, then left for the town car waiting out front.
*                      *                      *                      *                      *
When he arrived, he wore a black, red silk lined cape black as he. He shed it to the easy chair and crossed the room in three long strides. He cupped her left cheek in his right palm, magically raised her to her feet in one motion, clasp her flute of champagne in his left hand, then set it on the table. He wrapped his left arm around her waist and pulled her into him and off her feet with a kiss. She melted to his will, sharing it beyond measure.
She thought she died in his embrace, time so seemed to arrest. And in some ways, she did die. She relinquished all that was she, opened herself to him and him alone in ways she had never before done or felt. She was electrified by his touch, magnetized by his kiss - destined to be his.
No, she did not die in his embrace but came alive in his arms.
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  1. I enjoyed the feel of this teaser, such longing, such was felt in the words they used. great job.

  2. You captured a very romantic, sensual moment with vivid detail. The manner in which you decroibed his presence among the other people, men and women alike, brought a great deal of appeal for him to the reader. Excellent scene.

  3. I can see what is her interest in him, I wonder what is his interest in her. He seemed to have a lot of choices. What made him pick her?

  4. I don't know this fairy tale, but it is very evocative.

  5. Oh my my! I love the sheer heat of her longing, her desire. And I love these words:
    "she did not die in his embrace but came alive in his arms."

    What an awesome taster.

  6. Lovely taster and wonderful last line :)

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  8. This flows beautifully and definitely has a fairy tale feel to it. Great imagery and lovely detail.

  9. Your imagery was perfect. In this taster I was spirited away to a land of longing and fulfilled desires. Love it

  10. Nicely done. Are you going to pursue this further?


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