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Thursday Taster, April 17, 2014 ~ Cheerleaders in Heat

I am opening the pages, in Chapter 4, for a wee excerpt into the lives of the Miami Rattler's cheerleaders, sexy slut muffins that they are!! 

Beautiful women, particularly professional cheerleaders, are thought to get all the sex and dates they want. But, not true, my demented little pervs. Beautiful women are the last ones asked to dance, dinner or a date. So, taking things into her own hands, our redheaded Cherie, decides to try online dating and it opens up a world of new and exciting experiences. Here she met her dream date for cocktails at a hip SoMa Bistro one night then agreed to a lite dinner at his apartment the next. They part after a searing night of debauchery and that lite meal of his ex. They talk the next afternoon in an online chat and decide to take it private with online video. This little sex kitten is still hot-to-trot and whining like she is in heat. This is a very campy fun book; with names like Sandy Salacious and Ready Randi could it be anything else? So as I always say...Enjoy!

Cherie, Rattler Cheerleader
“Make yourself come for me, Cherie.”
          She wanted to tell him that she wouldn't, unless he came over to her apartment and fucked her, but he was like Svengali—she was helpless to his commands and she wondered if Greta was watching again. The thought of Greta off-camera watching cured her of any resistance at the command. She licked her forefingers, stared straight into Juan’s black magic eyes, and began to run them around her already hard nipples. She tweaked both nipples between thumb and forefinger, hard, then grabbed a handful of curvaceous breast and pulled both her nipples outward. It hurt slightly but ignited a tether between her nipple and her clit. It felt like an explosive fuse had just been set burning, slowly, to the rising explosion building inside her. 
          “Talk to me, mamita. Tell me how it feels. Sit, show me your beautiful slice of heaven.”
          Cherie moaned. “I’m so hot that I’m full of cum and burning up.” Then Cherie snaked seductively into her desk chair, sat and put her pedicured feet on her desktop. With a swift tug from her heels, she pulled herself closer into view of the camera with her knees wide apart. The vision was a hot one in her own mind’s eye and she dripped her nectar eagerly, preparing for the attention from her fingers. Her fingers whipped at her pussy and the slapping sound made was so enticing, she heard Juan moan as she watched him close his eyes while he wrapped his deft right hand around his bulging shaft. She released her shoulders and her head dropped back on the headrest of the chair. She was nearly there, one or two more strokes and two fingers inside while she thumbed her clitthen her revelry was interrupted by Juan’s voice. 
          “Get your vibrator, Cherie. The one you told me about. The one that is an 8-inch black cock that you can ram up your sizzling cunt for me. But, do not cum until I say so. I want to see you squirm and beg for my command. Now, dip your fingers in your sweet pussy and lick the juices from those artful fingers of yours.”
          Like a well-programmed robot, Cherie’s first two fingers disappeared. Taking the opportunity to wiggle and curve into her G-spot cranking up her heat a notch, she withdrew them then from the secret darkness and slipped both over her red full lips and into her mouth emitting an involuntary hummmmm as she did so. She stood then went to her bureau drawer and took the vibrator out, turning it on immediately. She returned to desk, sat again raising her heels back into position and leaned back. The familiar drone of her Rabbilicious purple friend was at once a comfort and an excitement, knowing the ever skillful results of ‘his’ hungry pursuits. She ran it down her body, watching Juan with every inch, paused just above her trim as much for her as for him, then dropped it over her burning bush, between her widened thighs and rubbed it through her drenched yet flaming crotch.
          Cherie was lost in the pleasures of her own flesh and so she dropped her left hand to the engorged folds of her pussy lips pulling the tender cover back exposing the wet oyster that shielded her pearl. A fragrant fuchsia colored orchid revealed wet, slippery eagerness for release. Her near revelry was interrupted and she snapped back with the sound of Juan’s voice. She raised her head to look at him through the camera. Her eyes focused and she saw him feverishly wanking at his fully engorged staff, the head purple, the veins bulging with his desire and his other hand rolling his tight ballsack like dice through his fingers.
          “Shove it up your cunt, mami. Hard!” Juan insisted, jerking at his cock more insistently.
          She diddid againthen again and came at once—screaming and writhing for nearly two full minutes. She laid her knees as far apart as she could and thrust her huge big black vibrating cock into her cunt to the hilt, burying the huge boy-toy mechanical shaft with her fingertips then her palm. She continued to grind, thrust and rotate into the masterful invention until she came yet again. She rose off the seat of the desk chair, supported only by her neck on the back of the leather chair and her heels on the top of her desk blotter. She felt possessed like never before by the demon passion. She turned the hooked finger of Rabbilicious into her G-Spot, hooked the flesh and then pulled. Spent, she lost all control, released a silent scream, and squirted her last bit of nectar onto the blotter and her laptop. When she finally caught her breath and looked up at the computer screen, Juan’s gigantic cock was still jerking and spewing cum all over the computer screen. He was yelling, “Dios mio! Ay, mamita. Mami, suavecito! Que rico!”
          “Oh my god! I didn’t know you spoke French. I just love it when a man talks French to me.”  

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  2. So hot!! Sensuous and erotic, I felt like a voyeur, hanging onto every word and wanting more , much much more. Amazing writing Muffy. Fab taster

  3. Oh so hot but I laughed out loud. Wonderful humor. " I just love it when a man talks French to me.” " You wrote a sizzling erotic scene and ended with fitting humor. You are doing a divine job. Please share more of your additions in the upcoming weeks.

  4. Did they just ruin their computers... Kidding! Very hot, Muffy!

  5. I have hacked into the feed. ...engulfed by the eroticism. ..bravo

  6. Ha! You captured your heroine perfectly at the end in a single perfect line. This is sustained classy-filthy fun, hot and pornographic in the best way, pulsing with sexy life and dripping with juice. Loved it from start to finish.


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