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Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser, September 24, 2013 ~ Night of Hearts

Again, Tuesday delivers up some tasty treats. As you may not know, every Tuesday a fabulous group of wildly talented writers each selects a photo of their choice, then writes a Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser of not more than 200 words to describe their photographic inspiration. The other writers have also flashed for you about the photos they selected. Please visit them and comment. You can find all the authors at the link above or listed below. But,

I selected this wonderful photo named "The Alley", photographer unknown. It reminded me of the years I lived in France and the wet, cobbled stone streets of Paris, at night and alive with desire and passion. I hope you enjoy my short flash and if you do, please leave me a comment.

Night of Hearts

She emerged from the corners of obscurity nightly after the darkness replaced the sun with desire. Emilie stood in the same shadowed doorway smoking until she met the man of her dreams. The faceless man would be the first of many disappointments. Tino watched the smile leave her face a little more with each man as her heart filled with regret. He wanted to scream that love awaited her here, behind the curtained window at the end of the cobbled alley.  

Tino's lonely life was spent seated at his kitchen table, day after day, behind the glass. In the morning hours, he listened to the skipping children’s laughter, watched the gossips and the deliberate men walking to their offices while the old sat on their stoops telling stories. In every face, form and silhouette, he searched the bustling morning crowd for her. He listened over the hawking street vendors for Emilie's laughter, the sound of her high heels and the rustle of her skirts responding to the graceful movement of her slender body beneath.

She did not come, not then, not until her night of hearts was over. 

“Hello”,  Emilie murmured when she returned quietly from the night’s final sad embrace.


Okay, so there you have mine.  Please leave me a comment if you feel so inclined.  Below are all the authors who have participated in this week's challenge.  You can visit them one at a time from my page here, or head off to the link above , but do visit them and read their pieces. The diversity is so delicious:

Molly Synthia:


  1. Thank you for an early look at your teaser. It's absolutely beautiful. I felt right there, amongst the shadows watching. Great teaser Muffy!!

  2. Intriguing tease, I especially liked the middle paragraph, great descriptions.

  3. If only she would have listened to him earlier and not finding the regret of unfulfilled love with the other men. I love the song lyrics accompanying this colorful story of his constant search for her. I was lost in this flash, unable to leave the alley and both of them. Loved your flash. Would it be better written with faceless men rather than faceless man? I was confused thinking it was Tino until I read further.

  4. Aside from your amazing tease, I love that you introduce me to music I've never heard before and that I instantly fall madly in love with... xox

  5. Sad yet beautiful and romantic at the same time, excellent, Muffy

  6. Love the photo and old Paris, and thoroughly enjoyed your poignant and evocative tease.

  7. Muffy. Muffy,. Muffy.

    My God. This was so beautiful.


  8. That was beautiful and haunting, Muffy! My, you have a way with words! :)

  9. You pulled me right in again. Such depth to those fantastic descripting paragraphs. Great tease. xx

  10. So deep and powerful with emotion. I felt like I was watching these two and wanted to help and guide. This was an amazing tease. Great job!


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