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Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers, October 16, 2012 ~ Aching You

Lucky me, I have a few minutes to splash, in 200 words or less, across the page again for your lustful entertainment.  It is Tantalyzing Tuesday; it comes every week on this day, as we all should.  The photo that drew my attention today is this passionately painful piece that screams separation to me.  Why are they apart?  Is he sick, lured away by another, on a business trip or even....dead?  I don't know, do you ?  Tell me what you think has come between them in the comments below.  But first, let me paint you a background.....

Then, as you prepare to leave, plan a few wicked minutes to indulge in the Teasers my compatriots have drafted for your prurient pleasures.  You can jump to our control page on the link here, Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers, or you can visit them one at a time from my page.  They are all lined up like waiting lovers for you below, just before the comments section where you can leave me a short note on your thoughts about being teased by me........Enjoy, and love each other while you can:) xo

Aching You
Feigning strength, unwavering, I ran my fingers nonchalantly along the wall as I walked past the door to your closet, regarding it only as a threshold to the past.  I knew I couldn’t live in the past but I couldn’t breathe without you.  I couldn’t exist in the lost days but I wouldn’t survive without them.  I couldn’t welcome today with the memories of our love cinching an aching grip upon my heart.  How could I continue living without your love to fold around me in passion, love and comfort?

Drawn, weakened finally, to the door of your closet, I stopped.  Was that the rustle of you dressing, the smell of your cologne and the soft low resonant hum of your favorite song escaping your throat?  I ached for you and pressed my body against the door.  The cool partition which separated me from my you, from our love, from the throbbing truth, seared my yearning flesh.

There is no life without you: no heartbeat, no air connecting the thoughts between us.  Oh, God, please bring him back to me or take me with him, into his eternal embrace.

As I readied, I prayed.  I  cried quietly…………return to me.
 So, what do your think?  Leave me a comment below then off to visit my friends you go!!  They will show you wonderfully lascivious hospitality.  You'll be drooling all over your keyboard for some alone time!  Have fun, my darlings.  Now, go on...scoot! 
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  1. Wow Muffy Ji you have described so loving and passionate indepth feelings of a woman who longed the company of beloved . Fantasic loved it . Congrats love xo Jail

  2. Another beautiful piece of passionate love than yearns ever more to continue on in the arms of her life mate. Simply divine, and thanks so much for sharing you! Enjoying the way you weave, and write on sexy! :)

    Author Tim Weaver

  3. Beautifully written piece Muffy you really made the chosen picture come to life

  4. It's always a masterpiece homegirl. Very beautifully written. I agree with JS, great choice of a pic.

  5. I felt her desperation for her lover, even smelling his cologne. Surprising twist at the end when you returned to herself. The imagery was beautiful.

  6. I'm breathless! Oh the heartbreak of a love gone and never to return. The soul wrenching debilitating yearning. You captured it all so beautifully in a mere 200 words. I bow to your splendour. Fabulous teaser!

  7. Oh so emotive Muffy, the poor girl and such a powerful photo too. Loved every word.

  8. This was indeed potent aching. What powerful words that usurped my own world and pulled me fully into hers, as if a vortex had consumed me. Your writing is perfection. I so enjoy reading you.


I was born when we kissed; I died when we parted. I lived in your embrace while we loved..........

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