Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers, October 10, 2012 ~ Dance Me Through Love

I have been so busy of late, I have missed that which I enjoy the most ~ writing for you.  So, today, a day late and on the fly, I have put together a short teaser based upon this lovely, sensuous photo.  It is only 200 words, those are the rules: no more, no less.

I hope you enjoy my response to, and interpretation of, this sexy photograph.  While you are dabbling at my table, spend some time with my fellow authors and see what photograph inspired their 200 words.  You will be so glad you indulged your fancy; a little like death by chocolate.  Would there ever, could there ever, be a better way to die?

Dance Me Through Love

Seated at the bar in the smoke filled room, only her pale exotic profile and the flesh of her legs were visible in the darkness.  The achingly soulful music from the lone guitar rose from the depths like a strengthening, mesmerizing blaze.  She toyed with a Martini: up, shaken not stirred, with a hint of lemon zest. 

She felt him behind her; he moved so close, she was warmed by his heat.  Touching the pulse at her throat, she shifted uneasily and crossed her long legs at the knees, exposing more lace covered flesh. Tonight, unlike any other night, he lowered his open mouth to her neck and whispered above the guitar, “Dance me through love”.  His soft, feathered breath sent flames down her body and threatened a seductive inferno.

She rose gracefully, floating into his embrace as he held her fully, pressing his body into her eager curves.  He slid his impatient fingertips under her arm, at the full of her breast, then down to the hot small of her back.  He pulled her tight so she could feel his growing response to the fragrance of her hair as she melted to his will.
So, I hope you enjoyed my little tidbit of a tantalyzing teaser.  Remember, there are more where that came from but you need to follow the link, Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers, where you can visit all my purient partners.   Or you can flitter back and forth from my page, one at a time but leave a comment for me.  It has been a long time and I ache for your approval............
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  1. Wow ! First of all I welcome you back our Beloved friend Muffy Ji , You have given me so sweet joy of love and romance in the fantastic Teaser , I feel as if a beloved meeting a lover after a long interval and surrendering her womanhood in his arms melting like ice , So nice hot and satisfying post , Loved it , Congrats

  2. Dang Muffy, in your absence, you have not missed a heartbeat! :) I have to say, you;ve made me grow even fonder of your weavings on the fly! *wink* I appreciate your pick me uppers, and I thank you for sharing you, I so approve! Muah~ xo

    Author Tim Weaver~

  3. Hi Muffy, l have missed your writing! Wonderful piece and, as a latin dancer myself, one l can truly identify with! Great job!

  4. Your words in this 200 tease read like poetry. Very well done with the descriptions. Made me hot.

  5. That was truly smoken hot ...mmmm now I want CHOCOLATE !

  6. That was lovely! I felt right there in the room with her, experiencing it through her senses. Very well done. Bravo!

  7. That was so hot Muffy, you have returned packing even more heat it appears ;)

  8. So descriptive. I felt like I was there watching it all happen.

  9. Oh sweetie how could I miss this? So romantic. I felt I was right there in the room, breathing in everything, sensing the sensual movements. Wonderful.


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