Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser, August 28, 2012 ~ Suspended

Today is Tuesday and with that auspicious day comes the Tantalyzing Teasers created by a talented group of writers.  There really are no rules, anything goes; it just has to go in 200 words or less about a photo of your own choosing.  That is what makes it so delightful and scrumptious. 

We are a group of diverse and skillfully talented authors that hone our craft weekly, on Tuesday, to provide you with a veritable smorsesboard of sexy shorts, under which we gladly let you peek.  You can visit all the other authors by following this link Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers or I have listed them one by one below.  But first, I have been away for a few weeks.....................so I am loaded for your delight.  Indulge in me first, pretty please, and leave a comment as I am near starved for attention.

So, have a peek into, and under, my delectable short this Tantalyzing Tuesday I call Suspended.  Enjoy:) xo


And then, there is that moment, suspended in time, when you meet the person that connects you to humanity, to others, to life.......to yourself.  It is that one person into whom you release yourself, freely, carelessly…..with a single touch, a stolen whisper, a silent look.
You are that one person for me.  And I dive, falling, into your heart.   I ride your heartbeat to your soul where I drowned in the soft nuance your shadow casts long across my body.  And I lose my breath in the oceans of your essence when you bend to kiss me, slowly breathing life into my desires and love into my heart. 
In the shaded grays of your embrace, I drown in the sea of your love.  Through you, with you, because of you I am elevated to the ethereal currents that only love bestows upon the wicked, weary and wanton long desperate for the sweet rewards of the human connection.  There is life in love.  There is love in life, too long in the coming, but at once a welcome haven.
I revel in the warmth of your approach because suspended in time…..you are my only connection. 
Let me drown in our us.

So......do be a dear and devour all that we have created for your tasty, purient pleasures.  Trust me, you won't be sated.........only hungry for more.  So, do indulge yourself.......we are non-fattening and oh, so satisfying:) xo

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  1. Beautiful! Sheer sensual romance. Love wished for and described so perfectly. I applaud your writing Muffy :)

  2. Muffy! This was so poetic and beautiful! I loved it. Your imagery and your word choice spoke volumes with so few syllables! Great tease, Love.

  3. Unexpected and lovely change of pace, Muffy. Your tender spiritual and romantic side. I enjoyed it very much.

  4. Poetic sensuality at its best. Gorgeous post. ^_^

  5. Just lovely, Muffy= beautiful sentiment, and so well phrased

  6. Your story read like poetry with a romantic gesture of expressing love.

  7. You write so beautifully Muffy. I love this


I was born when we kissed; I died when we parted. I lived in your embrace while we loved..........

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