Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Taste of Thursday, 4 December 2014 ~ A Memory Now

A Taste of Thursday and I am picking up with Taylor Savior to the wonderful musical accompaniment of Estas Tonne ~ Between Fire and Water. Talia's funeral was the day before and only open to family and very close friends. Her memorial Celebration of Life is for today at eleven o'clockTalia planned the reception herself right down to the engraved napkins the year before when she knew she would never recover. 

Last week, Simon had just made the bed last week when he rose and is now preparing to shower. They are getting ready for the long day ahead. Have a quick read then go have a peek at the other authors WIPs. The link is all over the place, or they are listed one by one below.

Happy Holidays. 
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A Memory Now
He washed the sadness from his shoulders and prayed for the strength to be positive and praise his wife in her death. He stood in the bathroom and shaved, trimmed and finished preparing for the day ahead. He selected the suit his wife purchased for him last year. It was still in the suit bag from the tailor. There was a hint of her fragrance on the fabric which surprised him and caught him quite off guard. The suit bag must have sealed her aroma the moment she held the suit close after having picked it up. Such a simple thing in her day that reached through the long since passed hours and weeks to remind him of just how selfless she really was, again. Simon released a deep sigh that drifted into the steaming distance and disappeared.
He opened the suit bag completely to dress and everything he needed was ready. His new suit, the striped tie and silk socks hung on a tie bar and the matching kerchief was already in the breast pocket. There was a note on the hanger from Talia that simply said…

My darling Simon~
I believe I have loved you all my life and waited for the day I would meet you to start my own life with you. You have enriched my life in ways that only God and I know. I love and adore you, I love our children and look forward to watching them grow into adults with lives and families of their own.
I know you love me and will always love me, but my time is a memory now, one which I know you will cherish. You know how I feel and I want you to keep the promise you made to me. Be happy. We have had such a wonderful life, so happy, so blessed. You are a special man. Don’t waste your life in the past. You promised.
Please wear the peach shirt I bought for you with this suit and tie. I love that color on you; you look so handsome.
Know that I love you with all my heart and will forever, my darling.
                                                         Your loving,

He sat on the dressing bench and finished reading the note. His hand dropped to his lap  and he stifled a sob. For the first time, he doubted he could make it through the day as the pillar of strength he promised her. His heart swelled with a deepened sadness he had never known and he gave himself over to his sorrow. He wept.
© Muffy Wilson

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  1. Beautiful. Heartwrenching. She must have loved him so much. Wonderfully written, I love this story more every time I read something from it. Great taster x

  2. Heartbreaking. There is so much depth in the relationships of your characters. It really invests the reader in them.

  3. The letter was a really nice touch. It's so much to ask for other to continue living when someone is gone, even if it's the best thing for them to do.

  4. OMG, that was very emotional Muffy. I've known you to be epic, but this one is very emotional. Great post!


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